Why is There Water in the Box When it Got Delivered | New Bidet Q&A| Bidet Answers with Dan

If I bought a new bidet seat, why is there water in the box? Don’t worry! Companies randomly test their products for quality testing.

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Why is There Water in the Box When it Got Delivered Transcript:

Why is there water in the box? When it comes to a Bidet seat, one of the crucial things to check for is leaks. Leaks are something that can be checked, easily, by one running water through the seat. About 1 in every 10 seats goes through quality assurance, where the manufacturer runs water through the seats, making sure that there’s not an issue with the factory having leaks in the products that they’re manufacturing and releasing to market. If you’ve gotten a seat that has water in it, it’s because yours is one of them that went through quality assurance and came out good, so you can be sure that there’s no leaks in that particular product.

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