Cascade Bidet 3000

Cascade Bidet 3000

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Cascade 3000 by Dignity Solutions

The sleek, user friendly Cascade 3000 bidet with deodorizer by Dignity Solutions comes with a wide range of luxury features that provide a supremely comfortable and thorough cleanse. The seat’s 2-in-1 nozzle is constructed from durable and hygienic stainless steel that inhibits the growth of bacteria, and the bidet’s wand position can be adjusted to reduce the amount of body repositioning required for a thorough cleanse. Cascade 3000 Bidet offers front and rear wash modes for cleaning the feminine and posterior regions, and the seat’s oscillating spray option rhythmically moves the wand back and forth to soothe and relax tender areas. For your safety, the seat’s interior nozzles and plastic tubing is coated with a silver nano compound that kills off any contaminants to keep the unit and the wash water clean, and the bidet’s nozzles automatically self-rinse after each use. In addition, the Cascade 3000 Bidet is equipped with an instant water heater that ensures continuous, never-ending warm wash water, and the water temperature, water pressure and seat temperature are all adjustable for maximum user control. The seat’s warm air dryer provides a gentle alternative to scratchy and expensive toilet paper, and the adjustable air temperature controls ensure a comfortable finish to your bidet experience. Furthermore, the seat’s built-in deodorizer automatically turns on each time the unit is used to chase away unwanted odors and keep your restroom smelling fresh. For additional safety and convenience, the Cascade 3000 Bidet also comes with an LED nightlight that illuminates the bowl, making it easier to navigate the bathroom in low light.


While most bidet lids can’t support the weight of an adult, the Cascade 3000 features a sittable lid that can safely support up to 330 lbs. Additionally, the versatile design of the Cascade 3000 makes it compatible with both one and two-piece toilets, and unlike many seats on the market today, it’s even able to fit French curve toilets. The Cascade 3000 is available in both round and elongated seat styles and comes in a crisp, clean white color. For your safety, the seat has a sensor that prevents it from operating if an adult is not seated, and an energy saving mode reduces the amount of energy consumed by the bidet when it’s not in use to save you money in the long term. The Cascade 3000 is operated with an intuitive wireless remote, and you can choose between a large remote with raised buttons or a small remote with flat buttons and a display screen. Dignity Solutions is pleased to to offer a full, four-year warranty on the Cascade 3000, so you can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected.


  • 4 year full warranty
  • 30 day risk free trial



  • Stainless Steel 2-in-1 Nozzle
  • Aerated wash stream is infused with hundreds of tiny bubbles for a gentle yet effective wash
  • Front and rear wash modes
  • Warm and cool wash options
  • Nozzle oscillation
  • Adjustable water temperature, water pressure and nozzle position
  • Instant water heating system provides unlimited warm wash water
  • One button wash and dry
  • Nozzles self-sanitize after each use
  • Silver Nano Technology sterilizes wash water
  • Fits one and two-piece toilets, including hard to fit French curve toilets
  • Adjustable heated seat
  • Built-in deodorizer
  • Warm air dryer with adjustable temperature
  • Child mode for younger, lighter users
  • Sittable lid supports up to 330 lbs
  • For added safety, a seat sensor only allows the bidet to operate when someone is seated
  • Choose between a large remote (default option) or small remote
  • Simple catch plate installation with quick release feature makes cleaning easy
  • Energy saving mode reduces electricity consumption when not in use
  • Supports up to 330 lbs
  • Full 4 year warranty
  • Comes in Elongated and Round sizes
  • Available in white



Additional Details

Sittable Lid

The majority of bidet lids on the market today are unable to support the weight of an adult due to the delicate hardware housed within the seat’s outer casing. The Cascade 3000 by Dignity Solutions is different! In contrast to its competition, the Cascade 3000 features a sittable lid that’s capable of safely supporting up to 330 lbs. If you’re accustomed to sit on your toilet lid for activities like clipping toenails or assisting someone as they bathe, you’ll love the convenience offered by the Cascade 3000’s strong sittable lid.

Stainless Steel Nozzle

The Cascade 3000’s spray nozzles are crafted out of high-quality, long-lasting 100% stainless steel. Unlike plastic or aluminum, stainless steel resists microbe growth, making it the ideal choice for bidet nozzles. Furthermore, the Cascade 3000’s stainless steel nozzles automatically rinse themselves after each use with sterile water for optimum hygiene and peace of mind.

Remote Control Options

Operating the Cascade 3000 is easy thanks to its user-friendly wireless remote, which is available in two sizes depending on your needs and preferences. The larger remote measures 6.75” x 4.78”, and both its size and layout make it a good option for anyone with vision or dexterity difficulties. The smaller remote measures 2”x5.25”and features flat buttons along with a screen to display chosen options. Both are intuitive to use and make operating the bidet easy, so you can’t go wrong with either one!

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  • Changed my life!

    Posted by Meri T on 4th Nov 2019

    This purchase made me very happy! I did a lot of research before making the decision and am very glad to select Cascade 3000 as my purchase. It has all wonderful features you may dream about, like: warm seat, deodorize mode, eco mode(power saving), just to name a few! It changed my life!

  • Performs extremely well, was very easy to install

    Posted by Ken C on 23rd Oct 2019

    After researching the many options, we went with the recommendation from Daniel about the Cascade 3000. We have been using it for about 3 weeks now and couldn't be happier. It performs extremely well, was very easy to install, and looks great. Having not ever used a bidet before, we were a bit skeptical about its cost, but that was soon put away. The Cascade 3000 is well built and should hold up well.

  • Great Features!

    Posted by Bernard P on 8th Oct 2019

    Excellent construction, easy to install, great features!

  • Very Pleased

    Posted by Anonymous on 7th Oct 2019

    It works very well. I am very pleased.

  • Excellent!

    Posted by Susan S on 19th Sep 2019

    Excellent! Not angled weird and kids can use it too. We got the large remote that is super easy to use.

  • I highly recommend this company and especially this seat.

    Posted by SF on 15th Aug 2019

    I have spent many months reviewing bidet options for a few bathrooms. Dan, the owner, has been the most responsive online seller I have ever encountered. He is knowledgeable and offers great pricing as well as always remaining pleasant and patient. I finally decided on this new product for a family member. The bidet is well constructed, sturdy, and appears to be made with quality materials. Two remote options were a plus allowing for easy reading with the bigger remote. The seat has given my mother-in-law the freedom to remain independent. I highly recommend this company and especially this seat.

  • Best seat I've tried

    Posted by Greg Egan on 6th Aug 2019

    Both the seat and the seat cover on the Cascade 3000 are very heavy duty. The whole unit just looks like it is better built and more heavy duty then other bidet seats I've used, and it looks great as well. Even the seat, compared to the Bio Bidet BB-2000 seat (another seat I purchased) is much better. I am a big guy and have no issues sitting on the seat cover or seat. Also the Cascade seat bumpers grip the toilet better and don’t slide around, which is very important to me. It was an issue with the BB-2000 no matter how tight I tightened the plastic bolts. The night light is awesome, love that it shines into the bowl. Water temperature output is very steady compared to the BB-2000. There is a little cold start but nothing like the what I experinced with the BB-2000. Remote is easy to use and will be better for a lot of customers that aren’t tech savvy. I didn’t have a problem with the BB-2000 remote but some older folks may.

  • Glad I got the Cascade 3000

    Posted by RAJESH CHOTALIA on 6th Aug 2019

    It is Luxury Bidet with very reasonable price. Has night light, warm water, warm seat, which can be adjusted to Low,Med, or High. Also water pressure that can be adjusted to Low, Med and High. Remote is color coded with large buttons and letters that can be mounted.
    Seat is made of very luxury soft seat and lids is very strong to sit on. Excellent finish.
    Remote has auto function that will do wash, dry oscillation with last setting that was used for temp of seat, water and water pressure.
    Sterilized water with nano technology and stainless steel nozzle self cleansing feature and unlimited warm to hot water.
    4 years of full warranty and 30 days of try it and if dont like it exchange return policy takes away any worries.
    I bought 3 of them and I am glad i got this. Will enjoy this for sanitary cleaning and being green that i do not have to use toilet paper or use less of toilet paper

  • A huge upgrade

    Posted by SH on 29th Jul 2019

    We previously had a Swash 1400, but started having issues with the seat about 2 months ago. Daniel recommended we wait till the Cascade 3000 came out as a replacement. We were skeptical if it would be worth the much higher price tag, but after a few washes, I can say it's well worth the extra money. Better water pressure, a much more comfortable seat that feels much larger, better remote design, and no delay between pressing a button and seeing the bidet seat kick into action. The delay is something no one talks about, but I found very annoying, so glad Cascade does not have this problem. We've only been using the seat for a few days, so if anything happens that changes my opinion of the Cascade 3000, I'll be sure to update this review. As it currently stands, I highly recommend this seat. Treat yourself, and get the Cascade 3000.

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