Are TOTO Bidet Toilets Made in Japan? | Bidet Answers with Dan

Interested in buying a Japanese bidet toilet? Not sure if TOTO bidet toilets are made in Japan? Daniel Johnsons, bidet expert and Many Bidets owner, talks about which bidets are made in Japan.

Check out the bidet toilets mentioned in this video: Neorest NX1, Neorest NX2, Neorest AH, Neorest RH

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Are TOTO Bidet Toilets Made in Japan? Transcript:

Are all Toto products made in Japan? A lot of our customers come to us wanting a Toto product. They have great quality and they have great customer service, but another key fact that draws people to Toto is, the fact that they’re made in Japan. While that used to be true across the board, a lot of Toto’s Bidets, I.E. Washlets are starting to be made in other countries. Most of them, at this point, are made in either Malaysia, or China. That being said, if you’re looking for a Japanese-made brand, Toto still has some options for you. The NX1 and the nNX2 links in the video description are both made in Japan and parts of the AH and RH are also made in Japan.

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