Best Bidet Seats with User Presets

Are you ready to transform your bathroom routine into a luxurious, personalized experience? Get ready for the best bidet seats with user presets! with user presets, you can enjoy a personalized cleansing experience without the need for constant adjustments. It’s like having your very own VIP ticket to the total bathroom luxury!

Our top picks for bidet seats with user presets include the TOTO S7 & S7A, Ultra Nova and TOTO C5. These seats are all about luxury and convenience, offering user presets that take the hassle out of choosing your preferred wash options every time you use the bidet. Stay tuned as we explore why these top-notch bidet seats might just be the ultimate addition to your bathroom oasis.

Ultra Nova Bidet Seat

Ultra Nova

Step into the world of the Ultra Nova bidet seat, where convenience and comfort merge to create a harmonious cleansing experience. With two user presets, this bidet seat becomes your personal hygiene maestro, keeping your top wash combinations ready to go whenever you are.

The Ultra Nova’s luxury appeal starts with the trim silhouette. Just 3.66” tall, the Ultra Nova is the thinnest bidet seat on the market and is nearly indistinguishable from a regular toilet seat. A sensor detects when someone enters the bathroom and automatically raises the lid (the lid automatically closes after you walk away). Our testers also feel that it’s one of the most comfortable bidets we sell thanks to the broad, contoured seat.

When you’re ready to get clean, simply press the front or rear wash button on the sleek remote control. We love that the Ultra Nova starts each front or rear wash with a gentle, oscillating motion; this cleans more skin and creates a soothing feel all at the same time. If you’d rather have a stationary wash, just press the wash button again. And if your bum needs a little extra TLC, the hot/cold massage setting is guaranteed to relax and refresh. 

In addition to the standard front and rear washes, the Ultra Nova also features an enema wash. This constipation-relieving function is a rare find in the bidet world! Our testers report that it’s one of the most comfortable and effective enema washes they’ve tried, putting it on par with the well known Bio Bidet BB-2000.

As far as other perks are concerned, the Ultra Nova generates unlimited warm water and offers a range of water pressures and temperatures, making it easy to curate the perfect wash. When you’re done washing, pat dry with a few sheets of toilet paper or press the “dry” button on the remote – expect for the dry time to take anywhere from 5-9 minutes (actual dry time depends on a variety of factors, so it’s a bit different for every person).

How do user presets fit into the big picture? Easy! Simply start a wash and adjust the settings until the water temperature, seat temperature, nozzle positions and water pressure feel just right. Then, press and hold the User 1 or User 2 button for two seconds to save those settings into the preset. The next time you want to get clean, simply press a wash button followed by your preset and enjoy a totally personalized cleanse.

Ultra Nova Remote Control

If you’re still on the fence, here are some more reasons why our staff love the Ultra Nova: the lid supports up to 400 lbs so it won’t crack or break if you sit on it, the silver nano water filtration system keeps everything sanitary, and the soft white night light guides the way when it’s dark in the bathroom. Plus, it’s constructed from long lasting polypropylene plastic and is rated to support up to 440 lbs, making it one of the toughest, strongest bidets on the market. It also comes with a sleek remote that uses radio frequency, so it works more reliably than traditional infrared bidet remotes.

With the Ultra Nova bidet seat, customization isn’t just a feature; it’s the cornerstone of a refreshing and luxurious hygiene experience. When you’re looking for the ultimate in style and functionality, the Ultra Nova is a great choice.

TOTO S7/S7A bidet seat top view


In 2023, TOTO released a brand new pair of high end, ultra luxury bidet seats: the S7 and S7A. What’s especially exciting is that these models feature a variety of upgrades, including a whopping four user presets. If this sounds like a lot of presets, you’re correct! Most bidets with this feature only offer two presets, so the S7 and S7A double the industry standard. 

Lest you think that two presets ought to be enough, consider that the S7 and S7A each come with four wash modes and two spray settings. With that many wash options, it makes sense to offer extra presets. Just think how convenient it is to have the perfect, personalized wash ready for any bathroom need, whether soft and broad, strong and massaging, cool and soothing, or something in between. And if you share the bidet with family members, having extra user presets means everyone can have a personalized wash or two waiting in the wings.

What’s the difference between these bidet seats? The S7A offers a night light and an auto open/close lid, features the S7 doesn’t have. Other than that, they’re identical. Both come in two colors – white or beige – as well as two lid styles. The contemporary lid has smooth, crisp edges, while the classic trim has a beveled edge. 

TOTO S7/S7A with remote

As our testers discovered, extra user presets aren’t the only reason the S7 and S7A are fierce competitors in the luxury bidet space. They also feature enhanced premisting, which targets the toilet rim area as well as the bowl to prevent waste and bacteria from gaining a foothold anywhere

The redesigned remote has a contemporary feel, in part thanks to the shimmery white finish that’s absolutely on trend. Plus, S7A users have more control than ever before over the night light settings. 

In case you needed any more convincing, know that the S7 and S7A have a wide variety of wash options that feel fantastic. To put it in context, our tester felt that the S7 & S7A’s wash quality and feel is similar to the TOTO NX1 and NX2 bidet toilets, two of the most expensive, ultra luxury bidets in the world. If you’re looking to pamper your nether regions without spending a (literal) fortune, the TOTO S7 and TOTO S7A are great options.


Runner Up: TOTO C5

Think of the TOTO C5 bidet seat as the dependable co-star in a blockbuster movie. While the lead actors might get all the attention (looking at you, Ultra Nova and TOTO S7A), the C5 still steals scenes with its streamlined look and crowd pleasing features.

When it comes to performance, the C5 is no understudy. TOTO’s tech expertise ensures a thorough, comfortable cleansing experience. Front and rear wash modes, nozzle oscillation, pulse spray and adjustable water pressure, temperature and nozzle position and a warm air dryer make sure that you leave the bathroom feeling fresh and pampered.

The C5’s crowning glory are the two user presets, which let you create a customized wash that can be activated with a single button press. It’s the kind of luxury that elevates your daily experience and sets the C5 apart from other mid-range bidets.

Now, sure, the lead actors might have a few extra special effects up their sleeves—the Ultra Nova and TOTO S7A offer additional wash modes, sleeker designs, unlimited warm water, auto open/close lids and night lights. But the C5 takes the spotlight with its balance of functionality and affordability. If you want a quality bidet seat that doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet, the TOTO C5 is a terrific option.