Bidet Seats for Bariatrics

Bidet seats offer amazing convenience, comfort and hygiene for people of all shapes and sizes, but there are a few considerations heavier individuals may want to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect seat.

First, we recommend looking for a seat with a higher weight limit. Most bidet seats are rated to support between 300-350 lbs, but several can support between 350-500 lbs, making them the ideal option.

Second, a seat with a wireless remote control is preferable to a seat with a side arm control panel, as many larger individuals report that the control panel can be difficult to reach and operate. A wireless remote, on the other hand, can be mounted on the bathroom wall or kept wherever allows the easiest access.

Finally, not all bidet seats are equally comfortable. Some bidets have a roomy seat design that makes them much more comfortable than bidets with a small seat. For the best experience, we encourage heavier adults to choose a seat designed with user comfort in mind.

Every bidet seat has its pros and cons, but this article highlights our two favorites for individuals over 300 lbs. Both of these are designed to support more weight than the average bidet seat, come with a wireless remote, and offer a comfortable seat

First Place Pick: Eco Nova

Eco Nova with Remote
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You Might Choose This Seat If:

  • Seat AND lid support 400 pounds
  • Front, rear & turbo wash modes
  • Instant water heater provides unlimited warm water
  • Nozzle oscillation
  • Pulse wash option quickly alternates water temperature for a refreshing cleanse
  • Adjustable water temperature, water pressure, seat temperature, and nozzle position
  • Warm air dryer eliminates the need for wiping
  • Built-in night light
  • One button wash & dry feature
  • High quality construction: polypropylene plastic shell and stainless steel nozzles
  • Extra thin profile
  • Elegant remote control and dock (remote can be mounted anywhere on the wall)
  • 2-year full warranty
  • No user presets
  • No deodorizer
  • Elongated seat size only
  • Available only in white (no beige option)
  • You are looking for a feature packed seat with a moderate price tag
  • You want a sleek, elegant seat and remote
  • You want high quality construction
  • You need a remote with a strong signal that is difficult to disrupt

Eco Nova Overview

The Eco Nova is constructed out of durable polypropylene plastic, and the internal components are efficiently arranged inside the shell, making it one of the sturdiest and sleekest seats on the market. Both the seat and lid can support up to 400 lbs, a rare find in the bidet world. The top notch quality doesn’t stop there. The Eco Nova’s 3-in-1 nozzle is crafted out of stainless steel, making it easy to clean and resistant to corrosion and cracking.

Wash & Dry Features

In addition to a chic look and quality construction, the Eco Nova comes with a plethora of desirable bidet features. Standard front and rear wash modes can be enhanced with the nozzle oscillation or pulse mode. Oscillation moves the wand forwards and backwards to increase wash coverage, while the pulse feature quickly varies the water temperature between warm and cold to soothe and refresh tender areas.

The Eco Nova also has a built in instant water heater that warms water on demand. This means you’ll never run out, unlike seats with a tank or hybrid heater. Like most electric bidet seats, the Eco Nova’s wash settings are fully adjustable, allowing you to choose the water and seat temperature, water pressure and nozzle position. The pressure options range from relatively soft to relatively firm, so there’s the right setting for just about everyone.

The Eco Nova doesn’t just get you clean, it also dries you off thanks to a strong and efficient air dryer. Other standout features include a built in night light that makes it easier to aim for the bowl – or simply navigate the bathroom – in low light situations.

The convenient one button wash and dry feature lets you tackle two tasks at once by initiating a 60 second wash and four minute dry, all at the touch of a button. If you’ve shopped around a bit, you may notice that the Eco Nova’s auto wash feature is lengthier than most other bidet seats with this feature. The reason is simple: a 60 second wash virtually guarantees you get completely clean, and the four minute dry falls right in the 3-5 minute range it takes most air dryers to get you on your way. All of this means the Eco Nova’s autowash is designed specifically to do the job right, the first time.

Remote Control

The Eco Nova is controlled via remote control, and what a fantastic remote it is! The stylish, brushed rose gold finish and black buttons lend a chic look, while the stainless steel construction gives it a pleasing hand feel. A second benefit to the Eco Nova’s remote is that it runs on a radio signal instead of infrared. Radio signals are difficult to disrupt compared to infrared signals, making it the signal of choice for bathrooms that are small or have dark walls.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of reasons to love the Eco Nova, from the sturdy construction and 400 lb weight limit for both the seat and lid, to the broad range of features. If you need a seat with a high weight limit that gets you clean and dry in comfort and looks great doing it, the Eco Nova is a great option. As an added bonus, the Eco Nova is eligible for the Many Bidets Free Trial program! Purchase an Eco Nova, install it on your toilet, try it out, and if you don’t love it, return it within 30-days of your order date for a full refund (less shipping). It’s just one more reason to love the Eco Nova!

Second Place Pick: Bio Bidet BB-1000

Bio Bidet BB-1000 and Remote
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  • Supports 400 pounds, and tested up to 500 pounds
  • Powerful enema wash
  • Strong water flow rate of 0.32 gallons per minute results in a quick and efficient wash
  • Oscillating wash option
  • Pulse wash option quickly alternates water pressure for a soothing, massaging sensation
  • Adjustable water temperature, water pressure, seat temperature, and nozzle position
  • Warm air dryer eliminates the need for wiping
  • Built-in deodorizer
  • Nozzles can be easily replaced at home
  • High quality construction, with a long life span
  • Large remote with east to press buttons
  • Remote can be mounted anywhere on the wall and can be used by feet if needed
  • Comes in elongated and round seat sizes
  • 3-year limited warranty that can be upgraded to a 6 year full warranty for $99


  • Not quite as comfortable as the DIB-850 for individuals over 300 lbs
  • Tank water heating system provides limited warm water (30-60 seconds)
  • Features plastic nozzles, which less durable than stainless steel nozzles
  • Cannot sit on lid
  • No one button wash and dry
  • No LED nightlight

You Might Choose This Seat If:

  • You experience incontinence or frequent constipation
  • You are looking for a budget-friendly seat
  • You find normal size remote buttons difficult to operate
  • You plan to operate the bidet’s controls with your feet
  • You want to be able to change the unit’s nozzles at home should they become clogged or corroded versus having to send the seat to Bio Bidet for servicing

BB-1000 Overview

The Bio Bidet BB-1000 offers plenty of comfort and convenience features as well as a higher than average weight limit and a wireless remote, all without breaking the bank. The BB-1000 is also quite comfortable, though perhaps not quite as comfortable as the Eco Nova.

Wash & Dry Features

The BB-1000 offers an especially strong water flow rate of 0.32 gallons per minute, which results in an efficient and effective cleanse. In addition to front and rear wash modes, the BB-1000 also comes with a special enema wash that sprays a strong stream of water into the rectum to loosen stubborn stool and stimulate bowel movements, making it a natural choice for anyone experiencing frequent constipation. It also features pulsing and oscillating wash options that can help stimulate bowel movements, relax tense muscles and soothe your nether regions.

Remote Control

The BB-1000 comes with a large, panel style remote with generous buttons and an intuitive layout. It’s also a great option if you have dexterity difficulties or plan to operate the remote with your feet, and it can be mounted wherever is easiest for you to reach.

Final Thoughts

The Bio Bidet BB-1000 delivers a thorough cleanse at a competitive price, and the generous weight limit makes it a solid option for heavier individuals. Plus, it’s a great seat to consider for customers who want to address chronic constipation or simply prefer a firmer cleansing experience.

Yet for all the BB-1000’s strengths, it does have some weaknesses. For starters, the BB-1000 has fewer features than the Eco Nova. Additionally, the BB-1000 comes with a tank water heater that provides limited warm water (versus unlimited warm water), has plastic nozzles (versus higher quality stainless steel nozzles), and doesn’t feature a sittable lid, nightlight, or one-button wash and dry. Even so, it’s a good option for heavier customers who are looking to keep costs down.

Need More Help?

Choosing a bidet seat is a big task, but we can help! If you’ve got questions we haven’t addressed here, we’d love for you to reach out to our team of bidet experts for personalized advice. We’re dedicated to working with you to find the best bidet solution for your needs!