Bidet Seat Comparison: Eco Nova vs. Cascade 3000

The Eco Nova and Cascade 3000 are two of our favorite bidet seats. Both are crafted from high-quality, durable materials and offer high end features, so you really can’t go wrong whichever you choose. In this review, we’ll dive into the details of each seat to help you decide which meets your needs best.

Eco NovaCascade 3000
MaterialsPolypropylene plastic shell, stainless steel 2-in-1 nozzlePolypropylene Plastic shell, stainless steel 2-in-1 nozzle
DesignEco Nova with RemoteCascade 3000 with Both Remotes
Nozzle SterilizationSilver nano coating on internals & a UV sterilizing lampSilver nano coating on internals
Unlimited Warm WaterYesYes
Pulse WashYes, quickly alternates warm/coolNo
Nozzle OscillationYesYes
Turbo WashYesNo
Night LightYesYes
Sittable LidYesYes
Weight LimitSeat: 400 lbs
Lid: 400 lbs
Seat: 350 lbs
Lid: 330 lbs
Auto WashYesYes
Seat ThicknessUltra thin / lowest profileThin / low profile
Remote OptionRadio signal, slimInfrared signal, large or small
Seat SizeElongated Elongated & Round
Warranty2 year full warranty4 year full warranty
Risk Free Trial30 Days60 Days

Look & Feel

Eco Nova Side Profile
Eco Nova Side Profile

Profile & Color

Both the Eco Nova and Cascade 3000 have a sleek, streamlined design that mimics the look of a regular toilet seat. Between the two, the Eco Nova has the lower profile. In fact, it’s the slimmest bidet seat we’ve seen on the market to date, so it’s the perfect choice if you want a minimalist look. Both bidet seats come in white only.


While many bidet seats are built from less durable ABS plastic, both the Eco Nova and Cascade are constructed from durable, long lasting polypropylene. The Eco Nova can support up to 400 lbs, and the Cascade can support 350 lbs. In addition, the wand and nozzles on both seats are made out of stainless steel, long considered the “gold standard” for nozzle materials. Compared to plastic or aluminum, stainless steel is easier to keep clean and is less likely to crack, pit, chip or break.

Close Up Cascade 3000 Nozzle
Close up view of the Cascade 3000’s stainless steel, two-in-one nozzle

Seat Design

The Eco Nova and the Cascade 3000 are designed with a generously sized, super comfortable seat. Which is more comfortable? That probably depends on the individual. The Cascade 3000 has a rounded front with plenty of sittable space, making it comfortable for just about anyone. The Eco Nova’s seat tapers slightly towards the front, and some users (particularly those with male anatomy) may feel it’s a bit cramped compared to the Cascade 3000.

Cascade 3000 Side profile

The Cascade 3000 comes in both round and elongated seat sizes, so it can fit on just about any toilet. In addition, the Cascade’s space saving design allows it to fit on many French curve toilets and some common RV toilets. This is noteworthy because these types of toilets don’t have the space to accommodate most bidet seats.

In comparison, the Eco Nova is only available in an elongated seat size. On the one hand, most toilets have an elongated design, so the Eco Nova is still compatible with the majority of toilets, but customers with round toilets will need to choose a different seat. We’re in the process of testing whether the Eco Nova can fit on French curve toilets, but for now, we’re recommending that users with this style of toilet go with the Cascade 3000.

Wash & Dry Features

Wash Settings

The Eco Nova and Cascade 3000 come with standard front and rear wash modes with adjustable water temperature, pressure and nozzle position. Both seats offer nozzle oscillation, a feature that moves the wand back and forth, providing broader coverage and a soothing sensation. Each has an instant heater that warms water on demand. The only difference is that some users detect a brief burst of cold water at the beginning of the Cascade’s wash but not with the Eco Nova.

Another key difference between these two seats is that the Eco Nova offers a pulse wash and a turbo wash, while the Cascade does not. The pulse wash on most bidets varies the pressure between hard and soft for a massaging sensation, but the Eco Nova’s pulse wash varies the temperature between warm and cool. The feel is quite different from a “traditional” pulse wash, so we’re inclined to refer to it as having a “sitz bath” effect – calming and healing but without the massaging effect.

Warm Air Dryer

If you’d like to ditch toilet paper altogether, you’re in luck. Both the Eco Nova and the Cascade 3000 have built in air dryers with adjustable temperature and speed settings. It takes several minutes to get dry with any bidet air dryer, but the Eco Nova’s is one of the most powerful we’ve tested to date, resulting in a relatively quick dry time. Similarly, the Cascade 3000’s air dryer is also quite powerful so it gets the job done faster than many other seats on the market.

Bidet Seat Deodorizers

Deodorizer & Night Light

Say goodby to embarrassment after a big moment in the bathroom! The Cascade 3000 has a built-in deodorizer that freshens air without using scents or chemicals. This handy feature pulls air from the bowl through a carbon filter to remove offensive odors before they overwhelm the bathroom. The Eco Nova does not have a deodorizer.

The Eco Nova and Cascade 3000 also come with night lights that automatically turn on in low light. The night light is bright enough to illuminate the bowl and surrounding area without being harsh or glaring. It’s a helpful feature to have if you frequently make trips to the bathroom at night, and it can be turned off completely if you’d rather not use it.

Auto Wash

Neither the Eco Nova nor the Cascade 3000 have user presets, but they do offer auto washing. Auto washing initiates a complete wash and dry at the touch of a button. The primary difference between the two auto washes is the length of the wash and dry. Both are generous and aim to get you fully clean and dry the first time. The Eco Nova’s auto wash provides a 90 second wash followed by a 4 minute dry, while the Cascade’s auto wash features a 60 second wash and a 3 minute dry.

Comfort & Convenience Features

Wireless Remote Control

Eco Nova Remote in Holder
Eco Nova rose gold wireless remote

The Eco Nova and the Cascade 3000 are both controlled with wireless remote controls. When not in use, the remote can be stored in a docking station mounted to the wall, ensuring that it doesn’t drop in the toilet or get lost. There are two key differences between the Eco Nova’s remote and the Cascade 3000’s remotes: style & signal type.

The Eco Nova’s remote is slim with raised, black buttons. It’s made out of brushed stainless steel with a rose gold finish, making it one of the chicest remotes on the market. Plus, it uses a radio signal to communicate with the bidet seat. It’s hard to disrupt a radio signal, so this type of remote is especially great if a caretaker will be operating the seat from outside the bathroom, or if your bathroom is tight on space or dark in color.

Cascade 3000 with Both Remotes
Cascade 3000 shown with large and small remtoe

The Cascade 3000 comes with two remote options (large or small), both of which operate on an infrared signal. The large remote (6.75″ x 4.78″) has colorful, raised buttons that are widely spaced. It’s easy to operate with a hand, foot or elbow, so it’s a great option if you have vision difficulties, tremors, or are missing a limb. The small remote is slim (2” x 5.25”) with flat buttons and a display screen.

While infrared signals can be less reliable than radio frequencies, the Cascade’s remotes are specifically designed to minimize connectivity issues. Each remote has three signal outputs: one on top of the remote and two on the sides. This results in terrific connectivity, and we receive almost no negative customer feedback about the remote’s performance.

Sittable Lid

Most bidet lids are quite fragile; put any weight on them and you’ll crack the plastic or damage the electronics housed in the back of the seat. The Eco Nova and Cascade 3000 are different. Both come with “sittable lids“, which support the same amount of weight as the seat itself. This means the Eco Nova’s lid can hold up to 400 lbs and the Cascade 3000’s lid can support up to 330 lbs.

Risk Free Trial

What happens if you buy the Cascade 3000 or the Eco Nova and don’t love it? Return it! These two seats are among a handful of units that qualify for our Risk Free Trials program. If you try it and find it’s not for you, send it back within the trial window for a full refund.

The Cascade 3000 has the lowest return rate of any bidet seat with a risk free trial, so we’ve extended the trial window to 60 days! The Eco Nova comes with a standard 30 day risk free trial.

Final Thoughts

Eco Nova Open Lid
Eco Nova

If your budget is tight, the Eco Nova might be the better option – it offers many of the same benefits as the Cascade 3000 but comes in at a lower price point. The Eco Nova also has one of the highest weight limits of any seat on the market (400 lbs), making it a good choice for heavier individuals. In addition to a silver nano coating on the internals, the Eco Nova also offers UV sterilization, and it comes with both pulse and turbo washing. Finally, the Eco Nova’s radio signal remote may help it function more effectively in some bathrooms versus the Cascade’s infrared remote.

Cascade 3000 Electric Bidet Seat Open
Cascade 3000

On the other hand, if you have a round toilet, French curve toilet, need a bidet for your RV or want a remote specifically designed for individuals with mobility limitations, the Cascade 3000 is going to be the best choice. The Cascade’s seat may be more comfortable to a wider range of users thanks to the broad front, and it also comes with a deodorizer. Plus, it has a longer risk free trial (60 days), so you get more time to test it out in your own home.

If you have any questions about these seats that we haven’t addressed, we’re here to help! You can connect with us in many ways: