How to select your language on TOTO Neorest remote

Many Bidets , where we’ve sold over 10,000 bidets over the last 8 years, Owner Daniel Johnson is here to help you set your TOTO Neorest remote to an appropriate language!

Current TOTO Neorest models this playlist is applicable for:
TOTO Neorest RH: MS988CUMFG #01 and MS988CUMFG #12
TOTO Neorest AH: MS989CUMFG #01and MS989CUMFG #12
TOTO Neorest 700H: MS992CUMFG
TOTO Neorest NX1: MS900CUMFG

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How to select your language on TOTO Neorest remote Transcript:

The Toto Neorest remote is one of the few remotes that allows you to operate it in multiple different languages.

When you first turn on the remote, it is going to ask you to select a language. It’s going to be easiest if you start off by selecting the language that you speak.

If you neglect to do that, or the remote ends up somehow getting set in a language that you don’t speak or read; You can go to the back of the remote, hit the menu button on the far right hand side and go down to option number five. Under option number five, you have your option of different languages. Select the one you want by using the up and down arrows, pressing the enter button or the little dot button, in the middle and you’re set to go. where we sell many bidets, not mini bidets.

00:00 Introduction
00:08 Beginning Statement
00:20 Troubleshooting for selecting the wrong language