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The Top 6 Common Bidet Features

Electric bidets come with special features designed to add unbeatable comfort, convenience and personalization to your bidet cleanse. Some of the most common bidet features include a heated seat, warm water washing, a warm air dryer, a deodorizer, self-rinsing nozzles, a slow closing lid, and a higher than average weight limit. Read on to learn how these simple yet revolutionary options can take your bidet experience to the next level!

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Heated Seat

Warm Water Washing

Warm Air Dryer


Self-Rinsing Nozzles

Soft Close Lid

High Weight Limit

Heated Seat Bidet Feature

Heated Seat

You might not realize just how amazing a heated toilet seat is until you try one! Virtually all electric bidets have a heated seat with adjustable temperature settings. Most heated seats offer 3 or 4 temperature settings (including the option of turning the heater off completely), so you can choose whatever is most comfortable in the moment. In addition to simply feeling good, this common bidet feature can help relax clenched muscles, making it easier to go to the bathroom.

Warm Water Washing

If you’ve never experienced a cold water bidet wash, consider yourself lucky! Depending on the temperature of the water in your pipes, an unheated bidet cleanse can run the gamut from cool and refreshing to downright frigid. While many non-electric bidets only offer a cold stream of water, all electric bidets have a built-in water heater that provides warm water washing.

There are three different types of water heaters: tank, instant and hybrid. Tank heaters provide 30-60 seconds of warm water and are usually found on budget friendly or mid-range bidets. Instant heaters produce unlimited warm water and usually come on mid-range to high-end bidets. Hybrid heaters combine tank and instant technology for 60-90 seconds of warm water. Hybrid heaters are less common than tank or instant heaters, and they’re usually found on mid-range models.

Tank HeaterHybrid HeaterInstant Heater
Amount of Warm Water30-60 seconds60-90 secondsUnlimited
Price Point$-$$$$-$$$$$-$$$
How Common?CommonUncommonCommon
Biggest ProVery consistent water tempMore warm water than a tank heaterUnlimited warm water
Biggest ConVery limited warm waterLimited warm waterSome minor temp variability

Comfort is the number one reason to choose a bidet with warm water washing! A warm water spray soothes while it cleanses, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. This common bidet feature is especially helpful if you have a bowel condition like IBS, diarrhea, constipation, or hemorrhoids. The warm water relaxes tense muscles, making it easier to complete a bowel movement, then calms raw and tender areas after you’ve finished your business. Users can adjust the water temperature (3-5 settings depending on the bidet model) for ultimate control and comfort.

Warm Air Dryer

Warm Air Dryer Bidet Feature

Do you dread wiping because it’s difficult or painful? Are you tired of paying a premium for soft toilet tissue or wet wipes? Many electric bidet seats provide a cheap, easy, and comfortable alternative: warm air drying. Built-in air dryers act like a (much) gentler version of the hand dryers you’d encounter in a public restroom. Once activated, this bidet feature blows warm air towards your nether region until you’re dry to the touch.

Most air dryers offer between 3 and 5 temperature settings, allowing you to choose the temperature that’s most comfortable. Because they’re designed to dry gently, it can take several minutes to get fully dry. If you’re in a hurry, you can always let the air dryer run for a little while, then use a few squares of toilet paper to dab away any remaining moisture.

One big perk to warm air drying is that it goes easier on your skin than toilet paper. This is especially helpful for those with hemorrhoids and fissures, or anyone whose skin is especially delicate down there. If this describes you, you’ll likely find that spending a little extra time getting dry is a sacrifice worth making!

It’s important to mention that the first few times you run the air dryer, you might notice an electric smell similar to when you use a hair dryer. This is normal and doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your bidet. In fact, it should go away within a few weeks of regular use.


Bathroom odors happen to everyone, but an air deodorizer can change that! Many mid-range and high-end electric bidets have a built-in deodorizer that pulls air from the toilet bowl through a purifying filter to remove odors. Bidet deodorizers never add chemicals or scents to the air, so they’re suitable even for sensitive noses. While this common bidet feature won’t eliminate all bathroom smells, it will dramatically reduce them, making every trip embarrassment-free.

As with the air dryer, the deodorizer can emit a hair-dryer like smell the first few times you use it. This is to be expected on new bidets and isn’t cause for concern. It should go away completely after you use it a few times, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you have ongoing concerns!

Self-Rinsing Nozzles

Bidets are designed to keep the spray nozzles safely out of range of unexpected bowel movements or urination, so the chance that they’ll get dirty is low. Nevertheless, the nozzles on all electric bidets automatically flush themselves with clean water before and after each use. This rinsing action sweeps away any impurities and keeps them fresh in between uses. If you’re looking for a bidet feature that actually sterilizes the nozzles, keep an eye out for our upcoming post on premium bidet features!

Slow Close Lid

Slow Close Lid Bidet Feature

Raucous slamming is a thing of the past thanks to the slow-close hinges on most bidet lids and seats. These simple but effective bidet features soften the seat and lid’s descent for a gradual, noiseless close. While a normal toilet lid can crack or chip if it’s closed with too much force, slow close lids shut gently every time. Plus, this quiet closing action saves your nerves from the jarring racket of a slammed seat!

High Weight Limit

The average weight limit for an electronic bidet is 300 lbs. If you have a larger frame or a curvy build, don’t fret! There are a number of bidets with higher weight limits. These are usually rated to support 350-400 lbs, but some have been tested up to 500 lbs with no major issues.

It’s rare for a bidet seat to break, and most won’t fail due to sheer weight alone. Breakage is more likely to occur when weight above the seat’s limit repeatedly hits the seat with force. Bottom line: there are many seats that can support heavier individuals, and sitting down gently is the best way to prevent weight-related damage to the bidet.

Common Bidet Features: Final Thoughts

Most electric bidets come with some or all of the terrific features discussed above. If you are looking for a specific combination of bidet features, we recommend you take our quick and easy bidet finder quiz. You can also get in touch with us directly for help choosing your perfect bidet! Here are the easiest ways to connect with our dedicated team of bidet experts:

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