No smell, No problem with TOTO Neorest Auto Deodorizer

TOTO Neorest helps you keep your bathroom smelling fresher for longer with their auto deodorizer.

Current TOTO Neorest models this playlist is applicable for:
TOTO Neorest RH: MS988CUMFG #01 and MS988CUMFG #12
TOTO Neorest AH: MS989CUMFG #01and MS989CUMFG #12
TOTO Neorest 700H: MS992CUMFG
TOTO Neorest NX1: MS900CUMFG

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No smell, No problem with TOTO Neorest Auto Deodorizer Transcript:

The deodorizer is a fantastic feature that the Toto Neorest line offers.

This feature gives us the ability to remove odor from the bathroom. It pulls the air in the bowl, through an active carbon filter and actually removes that odor through the process. It does not add a scent to the air. It actually removes the odor-causing molecules in the bathroom, to leave a fresh clean bathroom.

While this feature is great there may be times when you want to turn that feature off. The fan does make some noise and maybe it’s something you want to disable. To do that we would go into the menu (top button on the right hand side) and go down to auto functions. Under auto functions if we go down to the third option. Select enter and then go down two options here. We’re going to see deodorizer and power deodorizer. We can turn either of these off as we see fit. The deodorizer runs with a medium power fan. The power deodorizer basically puts that fan on at full power, to offer the best deodorizing possible. Maybe you decide to turn off the power deodorizer, but leave the deodorizer on. In order to keep that deodorizing feature as quiet as possible. If you decide to turn either of these features off, this is where you would do it.

We can now back out to auto cleaning options. Back out all the way to the main menu here as well: to change our next settings, if there’s other settings we want changed. where we sell many bidets, not mini bidets.

00:00 Introduction
00:07 General overview of deodorizer function
00:37 Turning the deodorizer off (Deodorizer and Power deodorizer)
01:50 Closing Statement – Back to main menu
02:05 Cutest Final Statement Ever!