TOTO Neorest Bidet can Open Itself?! (Video)

Many Bidets is here to talk about the benefits of an auto open feature that comes with the TOTO Neorest bidet. Is this something that would be helpful in your daily life?

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TOTO Neorest AH: MS989CUMFG #01and MS989CUMFG #12
TOTO Neorest 700H: MS992CUMFG
TOTO Neorest NX1: MS900CUMFG

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TOTO Neorest Bidet can Open Itself?! Transcript:

The Toto Neorest also offers auto opening, as an option.

The auto opening is located under auto functions and auto open, close. Press the enter button to select that.

The auto opening function is a feature that people either love, or they hate. It’s a great feature to have for the wow factor. You have a guest come into your home, and they walk into the bathroom. The toilet greets them by opening up. Fantastic, lots of fun, a guaranteed conversation starter. If you’re in a home with a lot of pets, sometimes that auto opening can be annoying. If you have a small bathroom and you’re going into the bathroom all the time, for things other than using the restroom, sometimes the auto opening can be annoying as well. That’s why it’s great to know that the auto opening can be turned off.

We’ve entered into the auto opening settings here. Let’s do that again, real quick. On the back of the remote, press the menu option (this top button on the side). Scroll down to number three, auto function. Go down one, hit enter on auto open close. Right now auto open close is on. We can select off and hit the enter button. Now auto open close, is off. When you walk into the bathroom, that auto opening lid is no longer going to open. You’ll notice when we did that the other options turned off, because there’s no auto opening to select options for. Let’s go ahead and turn auto opening back on. I’m just going to hit the arrow key, press the enter button and now we see our next options available.

Auto close delay: so we can select how long it waits, before auto closing the lid and the seat. If the seats up, hit the enter button once we’ve selected our time frame and that’s been saved. Auto open delay. If you know, as an example, that sometimes your dog or your cat might quickly move past the toilet, maybe you set an auto open delay of 30 seconds. You know that when you walk into the bathroom, you’re gonna be there a little bit longer. You don’t want the pets causing the auto opening to take place, but if you’re going to be there for a little bit of a longer period of time… You know that that’s when you want to open, you can configure that.

You can also configure what opens when the auto open takes place. By default it is just the lid that opens. Most people keep this default, but also most people don’t realize that you can actually change this to the seat and the lid. If you want the lid to auto open and the seat to auto open, when it senses motion near the toilet, you can turn that on. We’re going to go and change it back to just the lid, but that is something else that we can configure.

Now we can go ahead and click back, to the remainder of the auto opening features and back again to go to our main menu. where we sell many bidets, not mini bidets.

00:00 Introduction
00:06 Opening statement
00:17 Customer opinion(s) overview – Likes & Dislikes
00:59 Turning Auto Open On/Off
01:51 Auto close delay overview
02:40 Configuring options for what opens with Auto Open
03:11 Closing Statement