Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 Remote Walk through | Video

The remote control for the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 bidet seat can be a bit complicated to use. In this walkthrough, you will learn the ins and outs of how the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 remote controller works. You’ll learn about some problems the Bio Bidet BB-2000 bidet seat control has, as well as details on what the BB-2000 remote does well. Along with all of the above, we’ll go through each button on the remote for the BB-2000, and explain what it does, as well as break down the icons on the screen of the Bio Bidet BB-2000’s remote, so you can fully understand how to operate one of our most popular seats.

I want to take a moment and talk about the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 remote control. This remote control is very feature heavy, but the icons on the remote aren’t necessarily super intuitive. I’d like to take a moment and talk about each of the options on the remote so that you have a feel for what they are.

The first button which looks like a square on the remote is the stop button, that one’s pretty self-explanatory. The next button over, looks like a cute little “w”, that’s actually supposed to be a butt and water shooting up at the butt, that’s your rear wash. Guys and gals we both use the rear wash, that’s when we’ve done number two and we need to clean up after. This other icon next to it that’s supposed to be a lady in a skirt or a dress with water coming up. Indicating the front wash or the feminine wash. We have stop, rear wash, front wash and then this last button over here this is going to be your dryer. This icon is designed to look like a fan, fan for blowing air and drying. The next button here again a, “w” or two butt cheeks and a single stream up that’s your enema wash. The enema wash on the BB-2000 is a thin pointed stream, with a spin on it and so that’s the enema wash button, on the far side of the remote, right under the stop button. Next we have arrows going left and right and what looks like a little battery under it. That little battery looking logo is supposed to be the nozzle and pressing this button will oscillate the nozzle back and forth. It’s important to note that oscillates the nozzle front to back and back to front, not side to side so that’s important to note. Auto does a wash followed by a dry. The dry cycle may not be quite long enough so you may need to run the dry cycle a second time. Just a warning but that auto button runs a wash followed by a dry. Then over here on the far side of the remote what looks like a screen with lines coming out of it, that’s your deodorizer button. You’re turning the deodorizer on means that when you sit down on the seat, the seat pulls any of the air from inside the bowl through the deodorizer. When you turn it off the deodorizer doesn’t kick on when you sit down. You’ve got your plus and minus buttons here, this controls the water pressure. So, minus and plus, plus and minus. Between those buttons you have some squiggly lines with a little thermometer on it, that’s going to set the water temperature. So you’re going to press that: the water temperature is going to go up… so low, press it again medium, press it again high and then the third time or the fourth time that you press it it’s going to turn off. Then of course start over when you press that button again. It’s also important to note on the screen, you have three bars next to the thermometer sign. It’s going to go one… two… three… and then none of the bars are going to show, that’s going to tell you what temperature it’s set at. It’s also important to note up here we have logos or icons for the other options that we talked about. The first one in the upper left, as you’re looking at it, is the rear wash. Then next to that they actually use a different symbol on the icons on the remote for the feminine wash. It’s supposed to be the curvy side of a lady. On the second option, that’s the feminine wash. Then you have lines for your deodorizer, enema wash and then of course the drying cycle. The next row down on our remote, we have the arrows, this shows the position of the nozzle so you’re able to adjust the nozzle front to back. Important thing to note if you’re following along with this in the manual. The manual icons or the icons in the manual look like they’re pointing left to right, these buttons are pointing up and down. We get a lot of people asking about that, they’re the same buttons, so don’t let that throw you for a loop if you’re looking at the manual, this just adjusts the position of the nozzle. In the middle here we can see what I often get people referred to as, a big thumb with an “f” in the middle of it. That is not a thumb, that is supposed to be the toilet seat. If you tap on that, that is going to, similar to the water temperature, start low… then jump to medium… then jump to high… and back to off and cycle through those. The options down here at the bottom are very infrequently used. The first option is for your timer, for your clock I should say. If you press that and then press this first button next to it, that’s going to adjust your hours. The button next to that adjusts your minutes. So, clock, hours, minutes time so you can set those three there. Then last is your eco mode, the eco mode and that’s a little plug with the word “save” on it. That eco mode turns down the water temperature and the seat temperature when not in use, to help save electricity. These don’t use that much electricity in the first place, so not really something we see people use, but it is here on the remote.

The one thing that this remote misses that a lot of people wish it would have, is that it doesn’t have a backlight. The buttons are raised and you can kind of feel the seams between the buttons. So at night you can kind of feel which buttons you need to press and you kind of get a feel for what buttons you need to press as you use it more but it isn’t backlit. So at night unless you can see it from the light of the night light, you’re probably going to be operating this remote by feel. That’s just a little bit of a heads up, so that you’re aware of that.

Hopefully you found today’s video on the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 remote control helpful.

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