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Brondell Review


Brondell Review

Brondell is a well regarded, privately held company founded in 2003 that specializes in bidet toilet seats, air purifiers, and water filtration systems. Brondell Inc. is backed by David Samuel and by Mark Cuban, the well known entrepreneur investor from the hit show Shark Tank. A leader in the bidet industry, Brondell strives to offer high quality, eco-friendly products without sacrificing comfort or style. For example, the majority of Brondell’s bidet seats come with high-end, stainless steel nozzles without the high-end price tag usually associated with this feature, and most Brondell seats feature an energy saving instant water heating system (also known as a “tankless” water heater). These are just a few examples of how Brondell prioritizes eco-friendliness, quality and affordability.

Over the years, Brondell has won multiple awards for their Swash bidet line. In 2007, Brondell received the American Building Products Award, and in 2011, the Swash product line won Electronic House Magazine’s Product of the Year Award. These and many other awards speak to the quality and design of Brondell’s products.

In addition to offering top notch products, Brondell also offers state side support and warranty services.

Why Choose Brondell?

When looking for a bidet toilet seat, the Brondell brand may very well be on your radar as one of the brands on your short list to pick from  Given their accomplishments, having the Brondell line of seats on your short list makes sense in a lot of scenarios. Below we will detail out some of the reasons we believe a Brondell bidet seat might be the right choice for you.

  • State side support, parts, and warehouse.  These perks mean that you’ll never need to worry about getting a Brondell seat fixed quickly if something goes south. For the most part, the Brondell team is quick in replying to messages left to their sales, and support team. All great things to see in a business you’re looking to partner with.
  • Brondell also excels in the feature sets they offer on their bidet seats.  They do a good job of offering feature rich seats that don’t break the bank.  This fact alone makes them one of the top sellers on our site.  If you’re looking for a bidet seat that’s feature rich without breaking the bank, a Brondell Swash bidet seat might be the seat for you.
  • As a general rule, we’ve found that Brondell replies quickly to concerns and warranty claims via email and live chat.  Their attention to customers in this regard is another key reason you might decide to purchase a Brondell seat

Brondell Bidet

When it comes to companies, no company is perfect, and while Brondell does a great job with their Swash line, there are some problems here and there to watch out for.  Below we’ll list out Brondell Swash problems to look out for. Keep in mind that as a seller of Brondell seats, we see everything, and 99% of the transactions with any of the bidet manufacturers that we work with are totally problem free. Despite this, we did want to share some of the problems we have seen over the years to make sure you can make an informed bidet purchase.

  • Nearly every Brondell seat offers a sittable lid.  This is rare in the bidet seat world as the hardware in the back of the seat often makes it hard to design a lid that curves off the back in such a way that it can be sat on.  While there seats are designed to be sat on, we have found a problem with the Brondell Swash 1400 in respect to it’s warranty.  While not clearly stated anywhere that we’ve been able to find, Brondell will not replace the lid if it cracks under warranty. We’ve had zero issues having Brondell cover other breaks, cracks, ect with their seats, but if the lid cracks due to being sat on, you’ll be out the cost of the lid.
  • When it comes to seat size, all bidet seats tend to be a bit on the smaller side of things, but we tend to get more complaints regarding problems with the size of Brondell Swash bidet seats then we do with other brands. From looking at reviews, you can also see we have a lot of people who LOVE the Brondell Swash 1400, we’re just sharing a word of caution.  If you’re looking for the largest seat possible, the Swash line might not be your best option.

Brondell Swash 1400


The Brondell Swash 1400 comes with all the same features as the 1000, plus a few more that provide an even higher level of comfort and convenience. One particularly helpful addition is the one button wash and dry feature, which initiates a standard wash and dry cycle at the touch of a button. Similarly, the Swash 1400 comes with a preset option that allows users to pre-program their favorite wash and dry settings into the remote for a fully customized, one button wash and dry. Last but certainly not least, the Swash 1400 features a built-in LED nightlight that illuminates the toilet bowl for safer, easier nighttime bathroom trips. With these great upgrades, it’s nowonder the Swash 1400 is one of our top selling seats.

Brondell Swash 1400 Bidet Seat

Brondell Swash 1000

Brondell’s Swash 1000 bidet seat combines style and quality in one great unit. For starters, the Swash 1000 features durable stainless steel dual nozzles, which can be sterilized at any time via the seat’s advanced nanoparticle silver oxide self-sterilization system. The seat offers front, rear and enema wash options, as well as adjustable settings so you can tailor the seat’s temperature, water pressure and temperature, nozzle position, and warm air dryer temperature according to your personal preferences. The 1000 also comes with an instant water heater, which produces unlimited warm wash water, as well as a built-in deodorizer that neutralizes bathroom odors. It’s easy to operate thanks to the wireless remote, and the 3 year limited warranty can be upgraded to a 5 year full warranty should you prefer more protection for your investment. With so many great features, it’s easy to see why the Brondell Swash 1000 is a popular option!

Brondell Swash 1000 Bidet Seat


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