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neo-320-main.jpgLuxe Bidets are one of our best selling bidet seats.  They do not take the place of the toilet seat like some of the higher end bidet seats do.  Luxe Bidets would be considered a bidet seat attachment.  Many other manufactures make seats that take the place of the toilet seat, while Luxe Bidets simply enhance the current toilet seat you’re already using.  For this reason, some people will refer to Luxe Bidets as a toilet seat accessory.

Because Luxe Bidets fall into the toilet seat accessories category, they can be made for less, and thus sold for less than seats that take the place of your entire toilet seat, without degrading any quality.  This is one of the main reasons why we see so many Luxe Bidets sell.  Who doesn’t want good quality for less?  But, when we say less, how much less are we really talking?

Let’s talk about Luxe Bidet prices…  Any Luxe Bidet purchased off of Many Bidets will cost you at most $99.99.  This price is for the top of the line bidet seat attachment.  If you’re simply looking for one that will get the job done, you’re looking at a price of $60.  Given that you’ve been looking around at other bidet seats, you know that this is a great price.


Even though Luxe Bidets are an attachment, and not a full blown bidet toilet seat, they still offer a lot of features that are comparable to higher end bidet toilet seat features.  Some good examples of this would be the self-cleaning feature, where the nozzle goes back inside its housing to wash it’s self off after every use.  Depending on which model you decide on, you might also get a Luxe Bidet with dual nozzles, giving you a better cleaning experience, with more wash options.  Luxe bidets also offer a hot water function, again, depending on the model.  In order for you to fully utilize the Luxe warm water bidet settings, you would need access to both cold and warm water pipes however.  These features are all items that some people expect to only be able to get if they are willing to spend at least 200 dollars, so it’s nice to know there are other options out there.  As noted above, many of these features will very based on the model you choose.  If you are wondering which one to buy, we recommend comparing them side by side, and then figuring out what features matter most to you.  This is very easy to do in on our site if you visit the Luxe Bidet product page, and check the boxes for the ones you want to compare, allowing you to see a Luxe Bidet comparison chart.  The only thing left to do at this point is pick the features and price range you are looking for.


So, what are the cons to using a Luxe Bidet toilet seat?  Let’s do a general comparison of bidet toilet seat attachments to actual bidet toilet seats to give you an idea.  Because bidet toilet seats are more of a complete package, you will get additional features like heated toilet seats, deodorizers, remote controls, and some even have a water heater built into them.  Of course all of these features are going to very by make and model, but a bidet seat attachment is not going to have the ability to provide these additional features.  But these features do come at a price.

When trying to pick the best bidet toilet seat for you, there are clearly many things to think about, but Luxe Bidets should be an option on the table if you’re looking for a bidet that has a cheap price with a quality build.

Below are some details about some of our luxe bidet products.

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Product PageVi-110Neo110Neo120Neo180Neo250Neo320


LUXE Bidet Vi-110LUXE bidet Neo Elite 110 ModelLUXE bidet Neo Elite 120 Model
 $70 $60 $75 $61 $109.99 $65
 Rating:Rating: Rating: 
4.28-out-of-5.jpg 5-out-of-5.jpg 4.28-out-of-5.jpg
 vi110-2.pngneo110-3.png  neo120-3.png
LUXE bidet Neo Elite 180 ModelLUXE bidet Neo Elite 250 ModelLUXE bidet Neo Elite 320 Model
 $120 $75 $120 $80 $150 $99.99
 Rating: Rating:Rating: 
 5-out-of-5.jpg 5-out-of-5.jpg 5-out-of-5.jpg
 neo180-2.pngneo250-2.png neo320-1.png 

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