5 Bidet Seats with the Best Warranties

Electric bidet seats aren’t cheap, so it’s natural to wonder about the warranty protection that comes with them. All of our electric bidet seats come with a standard warranty ranging from 1-year limited warranties to 4-year full warranties. Some seats even come with the option of adding extended warranty coverage, giving you extra ways to protect your investment. Keep reading for the inside scoop on bidet warranties, plus our recommendations for the top bidet seat warranties.

Seats with 1 Year Warranties

Seats with 2 Year Warranties

Seats with 3 Year Warranties

Seats with 5 Year (Extended) Warranties

Seats with 6 Year (Extended) Warranties

Casacde 3000 - Best Warranties
Cascade 3000 by Dignity Solutions

What Does a Warranty Do?

Warranties provide financial protection in case your bidet seat has a problem due to defective parts or workmanship. As long as you follow the warranty rules, it will cover some or all repair costs within a certain timeframe. The exact coverage depends on whether the warranty is limited or unlimited.

Specifics depend on the manufacturer, but in general:

  • Limited warranties cover a portion of the parts and labor costs
  • Full warranties cover the total cost of parts and labor
  • Warranties only cover the original purchaser
  • Proof of purchase is required to obtain warranty service

Why Does Buying from an Authorized Seller Matter?

Buying from an authorized dealer is key if you want maximum protection for your investment. Buying a seat from an unauthorized seller (including many third parties on Amazon) may seem like an appealing way to save a few dollars. But if something goes wrong with your order or the product, there might not be much you can do about it.

On the other hand, buying from an authorized seller ensures that your seat is an authentic product that isn’t damaged, defective, counterfeit or refurbished. Plus, most manufacturers will only honor a warranty if the seat was purchased from an authorized seller.

Many Bidets is proud to be an authorized dealer for all the seats we carry. You can rest assured that any electric seat purchased from us will come with a valid warranty. Legally, this means the manufacturer must fix any problems with your seat that are covered by the warranty.

What Makes a Warranty “Good”?

A good warranty isn’t just about how long it lasts. It’s also about how helpful the company is if something goes wrong. A warranty might be really long, but if the company is hard to deal with or doesn’t keep their promises, it’s not much good. What matters most is that the company is responsive to customer concerns and fixes issues quickly. So, when you’re choosing a warranty, make sure you’re picking a company that you can trust to be there when you need them.

Know the Warranty Fine Print!

BB-2000 Bliss by Bio Bidet

What voids a warranty? It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but warranties typically won’t cover bidets bought from an unauthorized dealer or normal wear and tear. Warranties also won’t cover damage caused by improperly installing, using or maintaining the bidet, natural calamities, electrical surges, or foreign matter/sediment in the water supply.

Keep mind that you usually have to pay a portion of shipping costs if you need to mail the bidet to the manufacturer for repairs. The good news is that many bidet repairs can be completed at home using parts and instructions supplied by the manufacturer. However, if you’d rather let the experts handle the repair from start to finish, you usually have the option of sending the seat to an approved repair center.

Which Bidet Seats Have the Best Warranties?

When it comes to bidet seats with solid warranties, the Cascade 3000, Eco Nova, and Ultra Nova are top contenders. They not only boast impressive warranty coverage but are also backed by companies known for excellent service and positive customer experiences. 

The BB-2000 and Brondell Swash 1400 offer warranties with impressive lengths, making them worthy options to consider. That said, there are some important caveats to know about before you buy. 

Keep reading to learn more about each of these options!

Cascade 3000

Cascade 3000 Bidet with Large Remote

The Cascade 3000 comes with an impressive 4-year warranty right out of the gate, which is one of the best in the bidet world! If any part breaks because of a problem with how it was made or put together, the manufacturer will fix or replace it for free during those 4 years.

That’s not all! If you want extra peace of mind, you can opt to purchase an extended warranty for your Cascade 3000. Upgrading to a 5 year full warranty costs $79, and upgrading to a 6 year full warranty costs $99. Keep in mind that you don’t have to make this decision up front. You’ve got 30 days from the date of purchase to extend the Cascade’s warranty.

As with any warranty, there are a few things the Cascade’s warranty doesn’t cover. For instance, any scratches or stains that happen after you get the seat aren’t covered. If you need to send the seat in for repairs, you’ll have to pay for shipping it to the authorized service center. And remember, the warranty only applies to the person who originally bought the seat. You can check out more details and exclusions on page 22 of the Cascade 3000 Bidet Seat owner’s manual.

Cascade 3000 Small Remote

Besides the generous warranty, the Cascade 3000 comes with a wide range of bidet features that provide a pretty perfect cleanse according to our testing team. These include front and rear wash modes with optional nozzle oscillation, unlimited warm wash water, and adjustable water temperature and auto wash for extra convenience. We’re not exaggerating when we say it’s one of the most popular seats we sell, both among our customers and our staff.

Additional perks include a super comfy heated seat, convenient warm air dryer, sittable lid that supports up to 330 lbs and a deodorizer that keeps things smelling fresh without any added scents. The built-in LED nightlight softly shines a soothing blue light inside the toilet bowl, making it easier to find your way around the bathroom at night.

For your health and safety, the Cascade is even equipped with special silver coating on the interior tubing and nozzles. This helps keep the water clean as it flows through the bidet. Plus, the stainless steel nozzles clean themselves before and after each use, ensuring everything stays hygienic.

From a design standpoint, the Cascade 3000 doesn’t disappoint! Durable and available in both round and elongated seat sizes, the Cascade is compatible with most one- and two-piece toilets (including many with a difficult-to-fit French Curve design!) It even offers two remote choices, so you can find controls that work for you. 

Bottom Line: The Cascade 3000 offers a long-lasting warranty and advanced cleanliness features, making it a great option for enhancing comfort and hygiene. Plus, Many Bidets owner Dan Johnson designed this seat, so we know it inside and out. If you have any issues with it (and we doubt you will), we’re the perfect people to help!

Eco Nova

Eco Nova Bidet Seat with Lid Partially Open

We selected the Eco Nova as one of our recommendations because it’s a highly rated bidet with standout features, including a solid warranty. Unlike some bidets that offer only a brief coverage period, the Eco Nova comes with a generous 4-year full warranty. That means you have peace of mind for two whole years, knowing that your investment is protected against defects and malfunctions.

(Side note: some versions of the Eco Nova manual incorrectly lists the warranty as “24 month limited”, but rest assured, it’s a 4 year, full warranty!)

But a great warranty is only as good as the brand standing behind it. That’s where the Nova Bidet Company shines. They’re known for being responsive and easy to work with. So, if you ever encounter an issue with your bidet, you can trust that Nova’s customer service team will be there to assist you promptly and efficiently.

Another piece of good news is that Nova is in the Hygiene for Health family of brands. Most Hygiene for Health bidet seats – including the Eco Nova – offer the option of adding 1 or 2 years of extended warranty coverage for less than $100. It’s just another way to protect your purchase for the long haul!

Now, let’s talk about the bidet itself. The Eco Nova isn’t just backed by a solid warranty and reliable customer service. It also packs a plethora of desirable features, from front and rear wash modes, nozzle oscillation and refreshing hot/cold pulse spray to a powerful air dryer, deodorizer, night light and UV nozzle sterilization system. Plus, the Eco Nova’s sleek design and easy installation make it a seamless addition to any bathroom.

Eco Nova Remote in Holder

Last but not least, the Eco Nova comes with a unique remote that uses radio frequency (RF) signals to communicate with the seat. RF is stronger and more reliable than a traditional infrared remote, so it’s less likely to malfunction. It also makes it easy to operate the remote from outside the bathroom, which is ideal for those who will use the seat to help a loved one get clean. 

All in all, the Eco Nova’s thoughtful design, wide range of features, and overwhelmingly positive reviews make it a top contender in the bidet space!

Bottom Line: When it comes to bidet warranties, the Eco Nova stands out from the crowd. With its 24-month limited warranty, responsive customer service, and impressive features, it’s a top choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom experience.

Ultra Nova Bidet Seat

Ultra Nova

Looking for a bidet seat that combines ultimate luxury with a generous warranty? Look no further than the Ultra Nova. The Ultra Nova automatically comes with a 3-year full warranty, but you can extend the warranty to 4 years for $79 or 5 years for $99, giving you even more protection and peace of mind. 

But it’s not just about the warranty’s length. Nova Bidet, the brand behind the Ultra Nova, has a great track record when it comes to taking care of its customers. They want customers to be satisfied with their purchase, so they’re known for addressing needs and concerns quickly.

Now, let’s talk specifics. The Ultra Nova is not your average bidet seat. And while it does provide a quality cleanse, it offers much more: a supremely luxurious experience that pampers and rejuvenates. Sound too good to be true? That’s what we thought too, until we tried the Ultra Nova. Here’s why we feel it’s the best luxury bidet seat out there:

For starters, the Ultra Nova looks like a luxury bidet. It’s sleek and slim, measuring just 3.66 inches in the back and 1.25” in the front. These dimensions make it the thinnest bidet on the market, with streamlined contours that add elegance to any bathroom. Our testers also report that the Ultra Nova has the most comfortable seat of any bidet currently available. It’s broad and supportive, and its heated so you can say goodbye to chilly plastic against your cheeks.

From a features standpoint, the Ultra Nova is loaded. It comes with a desirable auto-open and close lid, so you never have to touch the toilet. Our testers noted that the default rear wash has a pleasant medium pressure and well placed nozzle position, so you won’t find yourself scrambling to change the settings like you might on other bidets. It even comes with an enema wash that helps with stubborn bowel movements, and it’s actually comfortable to use.

Ultra Nova on Toilet Side View

Speaking of settings, the water pressure, nozzle position and water temperature are all adjustable. But if you’d rather not bother, just program your favorite settings into one of the two user presets and enjoy a custom cleanse at the touch of a button. Extra bonus points go to the side-of-the-seat night light that provides enough bathroom illumination to get around without being overpoweringly bright. If you want to know more, you can find a full review of the Ultra Nova in our top bidets guide.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a bidet seat with a solid warranty, exceptional customer service, and luxurious features, the Ultra Nova is the way to go. Trust us, your bathroom experience will never be the same!

Bio Bidet BB-2000

The Bio Bidet BB-2000 stands out on our list for good reasons. It’s packed with features for a pretty moderate price. Even though we no longer recommend this company due to customer service concerns, we still want to highlight the BB-2000 for its impressive full warranty –  3 years that can be extended to a whopping 6 years for an extra $99.

Bio Bidet’s full warranty covers all labor and parts expenses. Just remember, they won’t cover the costs for removing, returning, or reinstalling bidet seats, and the warranties can’t be transferred to anyone besides the person who bought the seat. For all the details about the warranty, including what is and isn’t covered, take a look at Bio Bidet’s 3-year Full Warranty Statement..

But the BB-2000 offers more than just a long warranty. It’s a well known bidet seat with features like front and rear wash modes, and even an enema wash option for extra comfort. There’s also a kid-friendly mode with gentle settings.

Beyond washing, you get nozzle oscillation, massage wash, and a hybrid water heater for consistent warm water. Plus, there’s a heated seat for those chilly mornings, and a warm air dryer for a hands-free drying experience. While it only fits elongated toilets, you can choose between a white or black remote control 

Like all our recommended seats, the BB-2000 lets you adjust water temperature, pressure, nozzle position, seat temperature, and air dryer temperature. It also includes extras like an LED nightlight, odor-neutralizing air deodorizer, and a weight limit of 400 lbs. Plus, you can easily replace the nozzles at home.

Bottom Line: If you want a bidet with enema washing and multiple warranty options, the BB-2000 is definitely worth considering. At the same time, be aware that many customers have complained to us about the poor communication and service they received when they tried to file warranty claims with Bio Bidet. This feedback aligns with our own staff’s experiences working with Bio Bidet in recent years.

Brondell Swash 1400

The Brondell Swash 1400 stands out for its many features and extensive warranty. The warranty offers three years of limited coverage up front: 100% coverage for the first year, 75% for the second, and 50% for the third. That said, you can extend the warranty to five years of full coverage for just $99 if you want that extra peace of mind. But remember, this warranty sticks with the original buyer and has all the usual exclusions

Let’s dive into the Swash 1400’s wash capabilities. Imagine this: front and rear cleansing with endless warm water and nozzle movement. And that spray wand? It’s got seven positions and three width choices, ensuring precise cleaning. The spray itself is exceptionally soft, so it’s great for folks with sensitive skin. But while the pressure does have several levels, there’s no way to get a firm wash feel on this bidet.

The Swash 1400 also includes a heated seat and warm air dryer, both adjustable to your preference, plus an LED nightlight and a one-touch wash and dry feature for added convenience. For hygiene enthusiasts, the Swash 1400 offers a sanitizing system that infuses silver particles into the cleansing water for maximum cleanliness. And with its sleek remote control, round or elongated seat options, and availability in white or beige, it’s a near perfect fit for any toilet. 

Swash 1400 Wireless Remote Control

Common critiques of the Swash 1400 are that the wash is too soft and the seat is small and cramped. The Swash 1400 also comes with a “sittable” lid that’s supposed to support up to 270 lbs, but there are known issues with the lid cracking under less weight. 

Besides the usual warranty exclusions like normal wear and tear or power surges, there’s something you should know: if the Swash 1400’s lid cracks, the warranty won’t cover it. You’ll have to make peace with a broken lid or pay out of pocket to have it repaired. Since cracking lids is a known issue, it’s something to be aware of before you purchase.

Bottom Line: The aforementioned issues aside, Brondell has a good customer service record, and our team has had positive experiences working with them on behalf of customers. This, together with a lengthy extended warranty, easily earn the Brondell Swash 1400 a spot on our list of best bidet warranties.

Warranty Information by Manufacturer

Because each manufacturer has a specific list of warranty conditions and exclusions, the best way to know the requirements and entitlements of a specific seat’s coverage is to read the manufacturer’s warranty statement. The links below provide general warranty information for some of the most popular bidet brands we sell.

As always, if you have a warranty question about a specific company or bidet seat that we haven’t covered here, please reach out to us directly so we can help find an answer. You can email us at [email protected], call 248-974-4030, or contact us via the chat feature on our website.