Bidet Toilet Seat History

The first known written reference to the bidet is dated from the early 1700s. They were invented by the French, and started off very basic. All the first bidets were was a bowl, you would squat over, and wash yourself in. As time went on, these basic, crude bidets evolved, and slowly turned into what we now think of when we think of as classic bidets. These bidets still required you to swat or straddle the bidet in order to use them.
In the 1950s, the Japanese started buying and importing American made toilets. The main reason for this was due to the added comfort of the American toilets. This is where the modern, modified bidet seats we know today started. The Japanese took the American toilets, and decided to improve them by making a jet that worked as a bidet while still seated on the toilet. This then was improved on by adding additional features such as warm water, additional wash options ect.
This brings us to the modern era. Overseas, you’ll find electronic bidet toilet seats everywhere. However, in America, bidet seats are still very rare. Sometimes they can be found in high end hotels, but rarely in the American home. Bidets are a great way to stay cleaner, and healthier, so it’s surprising that bidet seats have not taken off in America.

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Due to America’s desire to be clean and healthy, we strongly believe that someday there will be a bidet toilet seat in every American home, but is America ready to embrace this wonderful invention? Only time will tell. What role will you play? Will you be a history maker, and lead the way to a cleaner, healthier, and greener America, or sit on the sidelines? The choice is yours. Join us today in making our world a better place!

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